On-going Projects

  • Self-aware Continuously Learning Models,
    2022.06 - 2025.05,
    Co-PI, collabrated with Prof Xiaoli Li

  • Contrastive Learning for Time Series Domain Adaptation,
    A*STAR Career Development Award,
    2021.04 - 2024.03,

  • Deep Model Compression for Time Series Data Analytics via Knowledge Distillation,
    NRF Young Individual Research Grant,
    2021.06 - 2024.05,

  • Learning with Less Data,
    A*STAR Programmatic Grant,
    2021.04 - 2024.03,
    Co-PI (WP3: Transfer Learning), collabrated with Prof Sinno Pan and Dr. Foo Chuan Sheng

  • Automated Calibration and Model Maintenance of Probe-Based Spectroscopy in Plant Environment,
    PIPS Grant,
    2020.08 - 2022.05,
    Co-PI, collabrated with Dr. Yu Zaiqun

Completed Projects

  • Deep Learning for Heterogeneous Data,
    A*STAR Core Fund,